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Your 2D, 3D photo or any picture laser engraved into a precious crystal. The perfect gift or memento created within seconds.

We create awards and trophies for all types of business, social and sporting events, as well as for any other individual needs.

Let the purity and elegance of crystals reflect the corporate identity of your company.


PRECISE is recognized as the industry pioneer of sub surface laser etching of high quality crystals.

With this unique, exclusive and amazing laser process, PRECISE is able to produce sensational 2D and 3D portraits,

trophies, awards, corporate gifts and mementos, all laser etched into precious optic crystal.

Our revolutionary technology does not infuse any foreign materials into the crystal during the laser process.

Only by our method can an image of beauty, clarity and detail be preserved in crystal for centuries to come.



The PRECISE license program offers you the possibility to have your own unique exclusive designs. In close consultation with licensing partners – such as Jumeirah International – we strategically plan, design and produce the product range that will enable your brand or enterprise to be captured forever in crystal..

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